Traditional Church:The traditions of Anglicanism bring the same level of comfort to our spiritual life that we feel when we see something from older times re-fitted and available to us today. The only difference is that our faith has always been here and is ready to be discovered or re-discovered by folks who have been searching for a Sacramental form of worship.

Who We Are

Our Mission

St. Clare’s is an Anglican worship Community that is rooted in the Scriptures and the Traditions of God’s “one, holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.” As a part of the Anglican Church in America and the Traditional Anglican Communion, St. Clare’s provides a spiritual home for the disillusioned, the disenfranchised, those whose church has moved away from them, and those who respect the traditions of our Church. St. Clare’s offers sacramental worship based upon the 1928 Book of Common Prayer in an atmosphere of friendship and fellowship.

.....People at The Church of St. Clare Believe That

Preserving the traditions of The Church established by Jesus Christ and assuring that they are passed on to future generations is the most important thing we can do.

To preserve the traditional Church for coming generations, we must let others know about it, invite them to worship with us, and welcome them into our community of faith.We have the capability to offer a range of programs including Sunday School, Inquirers’ classes, and Bible Study to meet the needs of our parishioners.


St. Clare of Assisi